Overcoming Challenges & Thriving on an International Assignment

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Are you on or starting an international assignment and are:

  • uncertain that the taking the job abroad was/is the right choice?
  • unclear how to start the assignment off to set you up for success?
  • struggling to perform in your new role, work environment or culture?
  • feeling disconnected and/or not supported by the home office?
  • unsure how to leverage your work abroad to reach your career goals?

Or are you recently returned from abroad and frustrated
in a job that doesn't use the skills and experience you've gained overseas?

Get the Support You Need to Thrive Before, During and After an International Assignment

I provide customized programs designed to address the challenges and opportunities international assignments present, including:
  • understanding international assignment configurations and how to position yourself for them
  • how to negotiate for a compensation package that reflects the value you offer
  • creating a plan for success to guide you before, during and/or after your assignment abroad
  • how to deal with cultural differences and setting yourself up for success in your new role
  • how to insure your time working abroad will support your international career goals
  • how to avoid or deal with the challenges faced by those recently returned from work abroad

The changing world of international assignments and international careers are creating more challenges than I could ever list. These are just some areas where I can provide support.

How Do You Achieve These Results?

The step-by-step, all-in-one solution is designed around your needs but developed using strategies proven to generate results.

Depending on the nature of the program, we meet 2 or 3 times a month via VOIP, phone or in-person. Between sessions you complete assignments to accelerate your learning and ability to realise your career goals.

In our work we combine assessments, coaching, tools and strategies to insure everything you do supports your vision of a career abroad aligned with who you are, your expertise and global lifestyle.

This alignment insures your success is achieved on your terms by being your best self.

What next?

If you're ready to take the first step towards career success abroad, visit the 'Is This You?' page to see if my approach to international career acceleration and job search will work for you.

If it does, then
contact me to schedule an initial conversation.

To learn about my expertise, experience living and working abroad and unique approach to supporting expats worldwide, visit the Why Career By Choice? or About pages.
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