Portable Business Success for Global Consultants & Solopreneurs

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In my customised, all-in-one solutions you:

  • clarify and communicate your unique value or personal brand to attract clients worldwide
  • increase your visibility, credibility and differentiate yourself in the global marketplace
  • strengthen your online reputation with branded bios, distinctive online profiles, web site or blog, social media, press releases, e-books and more.

  • expand your global network strategically and leverage it to realise objectives
  • become a sought after resource - be the 'hunted', not the 'hunter' - and well compensated for your value and expertise
  • create a pricing and revenue model that will set you up to realise your financial goals and support your global lifestyle
  • develop a two-page actionable business plan to guide your daily choices to realise your goals
  • build a portable business you enjoy and supports your desired lifestyle overseas

What Additional Results Can You Expect?

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You can expect to get or make more:

  • Clarity and Focus - a clear vision for your portable business and certainty of your unique value
  • Confidence in communicating the value you offer in a compelling, differentiating way
  • Impact in the world by leveraging your unique value to deliver powerful products and services
  • Inspiration and satisfaction by pursuing work aligned with your expertise, desire for impact and global lifestyle
  • Strategies and skills to manage your business abroad on an ongoing basis in today's digital, global marketplace.

How Do You Achieve These Results?

The step-by-step, all-in-one solution is designed around your specific needs but developed using strategies proven to generate results.

At least a six month commitment, we meet 2 or 3 times a month via VOIP, phone or in-person. Between sessions you complete assignments to accelerate your learning and ability to realise your goals.

In our work we combine assessments, coaching, tools and strategies to help you build your vision of a career abroad aligned with you, your expertise and global lifestyle.

This alignment insures your success is achieved on your terms by being your best self.

What next?

If you're ready to take the first step towards career success abroad, visit the 'Is This You?' page to see if my approach to international career acceleration and job search is for you.

If it does, then
contact me to schedule an initial conversation.

To learn about my expertise, experience living and working abroad and unique approach to supporting expats worldwide, visit the Why Career By Choice? or About pages.
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