About the Founder

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I'm Megan Fitzgerald, an American living and working in Singapore, an expat and international career coach and CEO of Career By Choice.

I specialise in catalysing the careers of forward thinking, global professionals and executives by helping them clarify their unique value, become highly visible and land work abroad. With 25+ years experience in professional and business development in 45+ countries, I provide expert guidance to those interested in making an impact in their organisations and the world.

I believe powerfully communicating your strengths and unique value - on and offline - is essential to winning in today's dynamic, digital and global marketplace. In a world of change these two constants drive your performance, your differentiation and are your ultimate competitive edge.

My in-depth, 360° approach to international career acceleration is at its core about helping you communicate your unique value in a compelling and relevant way to the people who need what you offer most. It is informed by 3 degrees, 8 certifications, 18+ years overseas and 25+ years of experience working on 6 continents.

By thriving in roles aligned with their strengths and global lifestyle, my clients are recognized and well-compensated for the value they create. But more importantly they are positioned to impact real change in the world.

By empowering change agents with what they need to realize their potential
I hope to make the world an even more extraordinary place.

Interested in My Credentials, Experience, Media Features and Pursuit of Global Citizenship?

For those of you interested in my credentials, experience and who I work with as well as how my pursuit of global citizenship started from an early age, please read below.

What next?

To learn how I can help you become highly visible, sought-after and build a career or business abroad, go to the Solutions for Today's Challenges, Executives and Professionals or Consultants pages or contact me to schedule an initial conversation.
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