Build Your Brand and Accelerate Your International Career:

Become Highly Visible, Sought After and Land Work Abroad

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In this global employment climate, finding and thriving in work abroad can challenging. Economic shifts worldwide are changing the way talent is sourced and leveraged.

Previously proven career and job search strategies no longer apply in both the developed and developing worlds.

What Does This Mean for the Expat and International Job Seeker?

  • Competition is fierce for top jobs as skill shortages are forcing employers to source talent globally. You now have hundreds or thousands instead of tens of competitors.

  • Your online reputation is your de facto screening for jobs as online search is the reported primary strategy for employers and recruiters seeking candidates in the global talent pool.

  • Cultural competencies and global profiles are sought by many companies who must expand globally as a means of survival or growth.

  • Being aware of and responsive to quickly changing market needs is required for positioning yourself as a compelling, relevant candidate of choice.

Your Strengths and Unique Value Are the Keys to Your Success

Communicating your true strengths and unique value - on and offline - is critical to success in the dynamic and digital global marketplace. They are your only constants - they drive your performance, your differentiation and are your ultimate competitive advantage.

To learn how I can use my 25+ years experience in 45+ countries and a 360°, strategic approach to build or accelerate your international career, select an option below:

Expat Executives & Professionals

All-in-one solution for those who want to:
  • create a roadmap to advance their careers
  • attract job opportunities and work abroad
  • grow global competencies and influence skills
  • build an online reputation and global network
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Expat Consultants & Solopreneurs

All-in-one solution for those who want:
  • a strengths-driven portable career
  • career 'continuity' with frequent moves
  • expert status and to attract clients globally
  • a strong online presence and global network
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Understanding Your Brand DNA

With tools developed with nobel peace prize nominated research we can predict performance, help clarify your brand and optimize your choices.
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Expat & International Assignments

We address identifying work overseas and across cultures, aligning work abroad with career goals and issues before/during/after assignments.
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Megan Fitzgerald
Expat & International Career Coach based in Singapore
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